Position Descriptions

Our Club committee comprises of 2 aspects - the Annerley Recreation Club which forms the Executive Committee and the Annerley Football Club which comprises of the Management Committee.

The Executive committee consists of a President, Secretary and Treasurer each of which are outlined below.

The Management Committee is fluid and made up of roles and responsibilities required by the Football Club. In 2017, the Management Committee comprises of VP Operations, Technical Director, Junior DOC, Registrars, Social Coordinators, Sponsorship Coordinators, Grounds Keeper and General Committee Members. Requirements of these roles are detailed in the following sections.

All Executive & Management Committee roles are based on the FFA Templates and updated as needed.

Executive Committee





To ensure the club promotes the participation and achievement of its teams. Ensure the club is run efficiently administratively, financially and socially to support all on-field activities.


The President helps the committee prioritise its goals and keeps the committee on track by working within the club’s framework. At an operational level, the major function of the President is to facilitate effective committee meetings.




·      Ensure committee members, team manager and coaches fulfil their responsibilities to the club.

·      Attend FB and Council meetings/forums where relevant.

·      Manage/Chair monthly committee meetings and the club’s AGM.

·      Discuss the agenda items prior to each committee meeting with the Secretary and ensure that it is circulated to relevant members in plenty of time.

·      Ensure that all sub-committees are accountable and responsible.

·      Report activities of the portfolio to the membership of the AGM.

·      Ensure that planning and budgeting for the future is carried out in accordance with the wishes of members.

·      Review Constitution, By-Laws and Rules of Competition.

·      Adopt risk management; smoke free, sun smart, code of conduct and safe alcohol policies.

·      Be a facilitator for club activities.

·      Be available to handle any disputes.

·      Liaise with relevant stakeholders including local Council.





The club secretary is primarily responsible for all administration duties and provides the coordinating link between member, the committee and various stakeholders.




·      Establish a meeting schedule for General and Executive Committees for the current year.

·      Provide secretarial support to the committee, including preparing agendas in consultation with the President.

·      Collect and collate reports from office bearers.

·      Prepare minutes of all committee and General Meetings of the club, distribute them in accordance with the club’s Constitution and file appropriately.

·      Collate and arrange for the printing of the annual report.

·      Prepare a comprehensive report of all activities of the club for presentation to members at the AGM.

·      Maintain an accurate copy of the Rules and By-Laws of the club.

·      Maintain registers of members’ details plus life members and sponsors.

·      Be familiar with the roles of the Club, Competition, FB and any other body that has governance. Give advice to the President and committee as required.

·      Receive all correspondence directed to the club, inform President, react, follow up and distribute to appropriate members.

·      Ensure all licenses required by the club are current.

·      Coordinate team reports for club newsletter, email.

·      Act as the Public Officer of the club (Consumer Affairs Victoria – Incorporated Association).

·      Complete annual statements as required by the Incorporations Act.

·      Maintain sponsorship records.

·      Notice to FB and relevant stakeholders regarding changes to committee members and key contacts.





To ensure that a financial management and reporting system is put in place and operable so the club committee has an accurate understanding of the financial status of the club at all times.




·      Prepare budget, in consultation with the committee to reflect income and expenditure of the club for presentation at the first meeting of the year.

·      Ensure all staff, team managers and coaches do not exceed authority ceilings for financial expenditure without reference to the General Committee.

·      Attend to general banking activities.

·      Maintain accurate records of income and expenditure.

·      Report to the General Committee monthly.

·      Present all accounts for payment for approval.

·      Arrange invoices for periodical payments.

·      Make details of all accounts available to the club committee and members as provided in the Corporate Affairs Act.

·      Organise collection of funds from various events for banking.

·      Oversee and seek reports of all other accounts held by sections of the club.

·      Ensure all taxation commitments are met by the club.

·      Ensure the club finances are appropriately audited.

·      Prepare annual financial accounts for auditing and provide the auditor with necessary information.

·      Report activities of the portfolio to the membership at the AGM.

·      Be one of several signatories – two on each club cheque.

·      Monitor sponsorship funds.

·      Attend monthly club committee meetings.

·      Liaise with FB regarding financial payment system.

·      Attend FB financial training session as required. 

Management Committee

Vice President / Operations Managers



To manage and administer the day to day operations of the specific area of the club i.e. Women’s, Juniors, Senior Men.  These roles include close liaison with the Management Committee and DOC / Technical directors.




Provide oversite of key operational areas including:


·      Match day operations, 

·      Competition draws and results

·      referees and match fees

·      BBQ / Canteen operations

·      Ground Officials

·      Playing strips

·      Equipment and facilities

·      Presentation days





To manage and administer the club’s membership in an effective and efficient manner. This includes close liaison with Football Brisbane through the MyFootballClub database system and use of Majestry.




·      Develop and maintain strategies for the ongoing expansion of the membership base of the club. 

·      Develop proposal for membership fees and arrangements for the ensuing season for consideration by the General Committee. 

·      Liaise with team coaches and team managers to ensure all membership fees are collected in a timely and efficient manner. 

·      Provide the committee with recommendations for improvements to membership practices for consideration prior to the Annual General Meeting. 

·      Provide membership packages to all members, including life members. 

·      Ensure life members receive their memberships prior to the commencement of the season.

·      Provide all members’ details to the Secretary to maintain the club database. 

·      Follow up with a reminder letter to those members from previous years, who have not renewed their membership. 

·      Understand MyFootballClub system and attend ‘System Training’ session at the beginning of the season or as required by the club. 

·      Liaise with FB as required to keep accurate club contact details (President, Secretary, Treasurer) using the MyFootballClub system. 

·      Implement Privacy Act regarding all membership information. 

·      Assist the club and FB to promote and implement the self-registration option via MyFootballClub.

·      Check club email address daily for updated Registration information. 

·      Process registrations via MyFootballClub as required for members (players, volunteers, coaches etc.)

·      Maintain member details as required by MyFootballClub.


Technical Director / Junior DOC



To ensure that there is a suitably qualified coach for each team (senior or junior) at the club and provide coaching assistance as required throughout the year. 




·      Appoint coaches to teams (senior or junior) throughout the club.

·      Deliver Community Coaching courses as required.

·      Recruit players from the club to assist in coaching roles.

·      Delivery of school holiday coaching clinics as required.

·      Deliver programs into local schools as required.

·      Coordinate grading sessions for relevant groups if required.

·      Assist coaches throughout the season with development and player management

·      Coordinate and establish successful player relationships with the club

·      Foster the culture of the club with coaches and players


General Committee Member



To provide support to the President, Secretary and other General Committee members to ensure the efficient operation of the club. 




·      Assist the President and Secretary in their duties as required. 

·      Undertake tasks at the request of the President or General Committee.

·      Attend monthly club committee meetings.

·      Participate in discussion and decision making of the committee.

·      Look after a specific portfolio. (Marketing, Sponsorship, Events etc.)